10 Me Time tricks for mom

10 Me Time tricks for mom
Moms me time tricks


School is back in session and the time has finally come, the days have been counted down and it is time for the children to return to their daily torture! (so they say) Mom is no longer sole provider of all entertainment, no longer referee, no longer chauffeur. At least not for a few hours anyways! Its time for someone else to love and nurture our darling little nuggets. It is time for the teachers to teach our babies many wonderful things they will need to know to be decent human beings. Teachers i humbly pass the entertainment baton to you.

Tag teachers, your it! 

Now that you have so much FREE time while the rugrats are at school, what do you do with such time? I am ecstatic that both of my minions are going to be stuck in school all day. Good bye 3 hour, waste of MY time kindergarten! Now on days that the hubby is working I have 7 glorious hours of piece and quite! The big question now is how do i pencil in some good old fashioned ME TIME in that glorious 7 hours. I’m sure that there is laundry that needs to be washed, and dishes done, and picking up and dusting and errands and all the other things that mom is in charge of every day. Not to mention if you are also working or in school that just adds to the list of things that need to be done.

My question to you is, Where are you finding time for yourself?  We have all heard about how important it is to take time for ourselves and how it makes us a better mother and everything. In case you are having some trouble finding some things to do I have compiled a wonderful list of helpful ideas of things to spend your glorious me time on!

Mommies Me Time List

  1. Sip coffee (or tea) and watch that show that you love that is not appropriate for child eyes, completely uninterrupted!
  2. Shower, or hell go crazy and take a relaxing bubble bath with one of those fancy bath bomb things!
  3. Make your favorite treat and eat the whole thing. Never mention said treat to anyone, if no one knows, the calories didn’t count! My favorite, brownies or ice cream with all the delicious fixings.
  4. Do that super cute craft that you were going to save for your kids to help with but it involves glitter and you know that you probably will snap trying to do it with the kids present. So why not enjoy it alone. Crafting alone can be so relaxing!
  5. Paint your nails, or do a face mask, or soak your feet in Epsom salt. Do something that is for you and makes you feel good and relaxed because after all, summer was kind of stressful.
  6. Read a book, with no pictures in it for once!

  7. Take a LONG shower and actually shave your legs! Or just stand in the hot water and enjoy it as long as the hot water lasts.
  8. Eat one of those GROSS lunches that the kids hate. Something with fun healthy ingredients (or not). Eat all those things that you try to cram into the reluctant little Gremlins and enjoy every single bite!
  9. Blast that Gangsta Rap you know you love, or in my case, all 90’s all the time! Sing and dance and have fun. Dance like no one is watching, because unless you have creepy peeping neighbors no one actually is watching
  10. Go hit up Target and wander through all those isles you don’t take the kids down because they will break things. Enjoy your hours strolling through beautiful bed sheets, kitchen gadgets and breakable home decor until you little heart is content!

Now that you have some good ideas of things to do while the kiddos are at school I hope you do actually take some Me Time.

Why do we need Me Time? 

In order to be good mothers and take care of our children we must first take care of our self. I know that some of these ideas were a little funny and I’m sure that most moms won’t be spending their precious time alone sipping bubbly in the tub. What I do hope is that us mom’s learn to put ourselves first for just a minute. It is so hard to always, always, always put everyone else first.

Sometimes I get the feeling that I am the only one that cares in my family. I’m the only one that cares that my oldest has her favorite socks to wear the first day of school.

I am the only one who thinks about making special dinners because this kid or hubby really likes it.

It is so easy to forget to take care of myself

When I get in these funks of not loving myself its hard to get out of. It is hard to break the cycle of thinking that i have to fix everything that is broken or tend to everyone eases every whim. I need to remember that sometimes i just need to disconnect, unplug and take some me time. Some of the ways I do crawl out of that pit of despair is by doing small things for myself.

Now I realize that i am preaching to the choir, and I am a total Hypocrite.

I don’t always take my own advice even though i know i should. I have bent over backwards to make others happy. Sometimes i get so lost in serving others that i forget i am important too. Last Christmas i chose a small victory for my self. You have no idea how good it felt for me when I was trying to plan Christmas Eve dinner and decided to make a banana cream pie for dessert because it’s my favorite and everyone else can eat it or go without. It was a beautiful handmade delicious thing of perfection. I had to keep telling my self I couldn’t eat it until desert.

Then when I was pulling it out of the fridge to serve, the pan I had it in gave away and it all ended up on the bottom of the fridge.

I then proceeded to melt into a puddle of tears on the floor with the pie. I was such a mess. My Husband didn’t know if he should hold me or laugh because i was bawling over a pie. It took me a long time to calm down because I had been keeping so much inside and never took time for me. When the one thing I finally did do for myself hit the floor.

It broke me.

That was the last straw.

This is what happens when you don’t do enough things for yourself, and it’s not pretty!

After the dreaded banana cream pie indecent of 2016 I have vowed to make sure that i am setting aside some time for me every week. Since I am working full time my “me time” is usually on my days off. On these days I tend to give in to my desire to be incredibly lazy! I like to binge watch great shows like I Zombie, Orange is the new black and Shadow Hunters. Most of the list i provided are things i love to do to make me feel happy. I urge you to do something that makes you happy, even if it is absolutely nothing!

It is so important to take care of yourself, whats that saying? “Happy wife, Happy life”  totally works for moms too!

Let me know what things you do to keep your sanity and love yourself. We could all use more ideas to help keep us happy.

P.S. Also check out my amazing Pinterest board packed with tips, tricks and totally doable ways to fit in a little ME TIME! https://www.pinterest.com/sscbeard/mommies-me-time/

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6 thoughts on “10 Me Time tricks for mom”

  • Love it! I like the idea of making secret treats that don’t count 😉 Great advice, I do want to take some time this week to read a thick book just for fun

    • Like it kallie! There is nothing more satisfying then getting completely lost in a book…. With a delicious treat is even better!

  • Hubbie was so kind to give me a night off last night and I walked around Target til my little heart was content and my feet hurt haha!

    • Right! It’s amazing what actually being able to sit down and drink your coffee when it’s warm will do for you and how good it makes you feel! Glad you enjoyed the post!

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