Why I don’t go all out crazy for my kids birthday party

Why I don’t go all out crazy for my kids birthday party
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Every year when my kids birthdays come around i would get totally stressed out! I am somehow now expected to pull an amazing party out of thin air that will undoubtedly top last years extravaganza! I’m done feeling like a second rate mom because i don’t want to keep up with the party planner moms. I have no hard feelings for the moms that can pull it off, the moms that love the planning and the creativity that comes with putting a party together. Good for you but I cant do it anymore, i’m done. I am through stressing over decorations, and grab bags, and having just the right invitations. I do want my kids to have great birthdays but not at the expense of my sanity!

My son will not remember his 4th birthday when mom went all out for his dinosaur party. I spent hours, no days, making crazy good dinosaur themed food, designing super cute little signs for all the fun games and food, I got a dinosaur shaped pinata, made adorable decorations and fun things for the kids to take home and spent way to much money on all the useless crap that no one remembers. Did my kid have fun? Of course he did! He got presents and cake. Did all the other kids have fun? Of course. But what did mom get? stressed! That’s what I got.

I am so done going all out crazy for every birthday party!

So instead of another birthday that stresses me out we went super simple the past two years. My sons birthday is at the end of August so that just screams pool party. So easy, so much fun and so good for mom’s sanity.

Last year his 5th birthday was at a  local fun center that has a water park attached to it. We ended up spending so much less money on this party than the years before. We got entrance tickets to the water park for 15 people, 3 large pizzas, and drinks all for less then what i spent on all the food and prep for the last years party.

The best part is that someone else did all the work for me. Someone else set up our party area, someone else cooked the pizza, someone else was in charge of clean up!!!

I was actually able to enjoy my sons birthday for once. I was able to go down water slides with him and just enjoy his excitement of his first trip to a water park instead of making sure everything was going according to plan.  It was nice to be able to just sit in the kiddy pool area and watch all the kids playing on the little slides and enjoying the water while the parents enjoyed a moment to sit and relax and just be present.

simple second birthday party

I can now get back to the real meaning of his birthday. Celebrating him!

You know what the best part of a simpler birthday is? This year my son asked to have another pool party birthday, complete with friends and pizza, just like last year! *sigh* Finally they get it too! Simple parties are so much more fun! I am looking forward to more simple birthday parties in the future.

This amazing epiphany to not go all out for every party was amazing. I am no longer freaking out with it only being 2 weeks until my sons 6th birthday. Instead the only things i’m worrying about is what kind of pizza he wants and if he wants cupcakes, cake or brownies for his desert. I love this!

Now don’t get me wrong, I have a few epic parties up my sleeve planned.

My daughter turns 11 in January and you only get your Hogwarts Letter once! I have been planning that one for a year now and still have things to get together. I am not saying to never go all out for your kids parties, what I am saying is that some times it is totally okay to embrace the simple life in order to keep your sanity.

Do you go all out for birthdays every year or do you like to keep it simple? Let me know what you do in the comments.

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