Building real family memories

Building real family memories

Growing up I didn’t have the greatest family life together with my parents and siblings. My parents were divorced when i was young so the memories of doing wonderful family things together are kind of few and far between so needles to say we didn’t get many options to build real family memories.

The only real “vacation” we actually had as a happy little family was when we tried to go camping once. We spent a couple hours getting everything packed into the car, us kids were stoked, we love camping. We packed everything and headed up the mountain. Once there mom and dad set up camp while us kids explored the area. When everything was set up we went for a walk. During our walk we came across a stream. This stream was to wide for us kids to cross easily so my dad, with one foot on a rock in the middle of the stream was swinging us across to my mom. My older sister went first with no problems.

Then it was my brothers turn.

My brother decided to try some super cool ninja move mid swing, my dad was thrown off balance and landed shoulder first on the rock he was standing on, dislocating his shoulder. After the accident everything was a hurried blur. We threw a completely pitched tent into the trunk and flew down the mountain headed for the hospital. Such a wonderful, one and only, family vacation memory.

Vacations for my kiddos

I’m sure i’m not alone in feeling that I want my kids to have the childhood i never had. I want them to experience all the things i always wanted to as a child. Granted, I had a pretty great childhood full of playing out side, practically living at my best friends house in the summer, swimming in the river and playing in the dirt. What i didn’t have was many family memories. I vow to my children to make them endure family time and have great memories to show for it.

Our family camping trip

Even with that crappy camping experience camping with my parents I still love to go camping. We try to go at least once every summer. I try to pack my camping trips with plenty of dirt, wandering in the mountains and eating some amazing food cooked over a campfire. One of my most fond memories from camping with my kids were seeing my son, covered in dirt playing with his transformers and his sisters barbies.

Camping 2017

Our latest camping trip was lots of fun. We went up a local canyon and planned to hike up to some hot springs. Such an amazing, beautiful, unexpectedly 6 mile hike with 3 kids and 2 under-prepared parents!

Ready for camping
Heading up Spanish Fork Canyon for some camping
We made it all 6 miles!

Beautiful Spanish Fork Canyon

Building real family memories

There is nothing more precious for a mother than to hear her children gladly remembering the fun experiences she spent time to put together. Even more than I love hearing how much they enjoy a camping trip or birthday party is how they love the little things. After this past Christmas, the one we love to refer to as “The Lego Christmas” my kids are still talking about getting to spend the whole day putting their Lego creations together. Everyone sitting as a family around the kitchen table joyfully assembling dragons, Darth Vader and Ninjago sets.

I am always trying to keep in mind that everything that we do could possibly be a memory for my children. That means the good and the bad. The fun times making dinner together, doing crafts or just enjoying hanging out watching a movie. Kids also remember the bad times, the times mommy looses her shit over a complaining preteen not wanting to do her homework, or trying to persuade a tired little boy into finishing cleaning his room.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep cool and not loose your shit. I want to make sure that i am building more good memories with my kids than bad. I would love to hear about your wonderful family memories. Maybe they can give me some ideas for fun things to do with my kiddos.


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