Finding My Dream Job

Finding My Dream Job

Why am I blogging?

What does it mean to find your dream job? i feel like that is different for everyone. someones dream job could be sitting at a cubical staring at a screen all day while the next persons dream could be walking the runway at New York Fashion Week with everyones eyes on them. For me, my dream job would consist of three things

  1. Letting me live comfortably without unneeded stress
  2. being able to feel fulfilled and like my work mattered
  3. being able to spend quality time with my kids and be a part of their life


Do i have any of those things at my current job? Sadly no.

I have been struggling to find a something that i enjoy doing, something that lets me be creative and also one that feeds into my love of teaching. I have tried many things. For a year i was a Preschool teacher at a daycare, i got to be creative and i got to teach and i loved the kids, but the job sucked. I have taught families through the Strengthening Families Program twice and enjoyed myself and it was very rewarding but it lacked the creative aspect because all the curriculum was already laid out for me and i had to fallow that curriculum to a T.

For a long time i didn’t think i would find anything that would truly make me happy and check all my little boxes for the perfect career. So here i sit, working a mid level management position (glorified babysitter) of a big box company, and i’m depressed. I feel like all i do is get up, go to work, come home, try not to fall asleep on the couch, make dinner and go to bed just to have to get up and do it all again the next day.

My DREAM job

One day i was feeling quite depressed while at work. I was waiting for more customers to come in that would need my help, so while it was slow i started to wright down what i thought i needed to do to find that career that would make me happy. I wanted to have everything in writing so i could have something tangible to focus on. On my scratch piece of paper i wrote;


Now i realize this is pretty much the perfect career without actually naming any specific career.  I wanted a 9-5 Monday – Friday job that would pay me to paint, cook yummy food and be more present in my kids lives. Not to much to ask for right?

Wrong! That unicorn is pretty hard to catch and i have been hunting for a long time!

Life is hard ya’ll


Being a 31 year old woman who doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up is hard. Having that feeling that you should be further along in life and have more to show for it then the crap pile you do have is hard. Not knowing what to do next to get out of it is hard. Having gone to school, gotten in debt, and graduated but only having the knowledge and pictures to show for it is hard. Life is hard. Realizing that i can do this, that i can make a difference in my own life and the life of my family is hard. I will do this! I will make that difference and i will make it now!

Lets Help Each other achieve our dream

If i apply myself i can get my shit together, I can be the mom i want to be and have the life i want. I have great information and ideas that i hope will help myself and other struggling moms to get their life together and be the best, most fulfilled person they can be. I encourage you to fallow me in my journey, take some notes, laugh with me when times get tough and together we can enjoy our life in progress.

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