Welcome to my life

Welcome to my life

My name is Stephanie, i am a 31 year old wife and mother of 2 and i am not perfect. What i am is so far from perfect that it is laughable. There are days where i feel like i am the biggest failure on the planet, there goes my mother of the year award for the 11th straight year! I’m sure i am not the only mom out there that feels like a second rate mom when i compare my self to all these beautiful ladies that have their life so together, they are baking cookies for their kids, they are PTA prez, their kids don’t binge watch on their tablets all the time, and they all sit down around the table to a home cooked meal every night. Well that’s not me,


  • for starters were more of a brownie household than a cookie baking one.
  • PTA frightens me.
  • My kids both have tablets and they are on there all the time, especially this summer because momma needs a little time to herself.
  • Now dont get me wrong we do have dinner as a family most nights, but usually in the living room all belly up to the coffee table watching some food show on tv because my kitchen table is 98% of the time covered in legos, mail or other half completed projects.


And you know what, all of that is ok because when you get right down to it my kids are great little humans, we are a fun loving, caring family and my kids reflect that in their actions. So maybe i don’t have a mother of the year award but what i do have is happy kids, a loving husband, a semi clean-ish house, and room to improve!

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